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A DevOps platform that includes capabilities for planning, source code management, continuous integration, deployment automation, observability, application security testing, software supply chain security, compliance reporting, value stream analytics and incident management.

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Why Gitlab

GitLab provides a full-service repository and complete DevOps platform that allows all users to perform all the tasks in the project … from project planning and source code management to monitoring and security. The main benefit of GitLab is to allow all team members to collaborate all the time through every phase and all to build better software and achieve the best possible results.


The Plan Stage provides tools for teams to manage and optimize their work, track operational health and measure outcomes


The Create stage helps teams accelerate software delivery and reduce cycle times, by improving efficiency and collaboration.


The Verify Stage is responsible for executing on the market needs for continuous integration.


The Secure stage enables accurate, automated, and continuous assessment of your applications and services enabling you to proactively identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses to minimize your security risk.


Our goal is for you to rely on GitLab as a universal package manager, so that you can reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies.


Provides a full history of deployments to each environment. Tracks your deployments, so you always know what is deployed on your servers.


Makes it possible to measure a wide variety of statistics of your instance.


The Govern stage extends your existing operation's practices to help organizations manage their security vulnerabilities, project dependencies, and compliance policies to reduce overall risk.

Global Customer Success Stories


HackerOne Achieves 5x faster Deployments with Gitlab’s integrated Security


Conversica leads AI Innovation with help from Gitlab Ultimate.

Why CodeAG

We deeply care about what we do & the impact we have with our customers.


We bring our full experience to bear, to tackle your most important challenges & help capture your greatest opportunities.

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While bringing the expertise, we are collaborative about unlocking potential & making change happen, delivering solutions which combine best of breed Technology & our Solutioning approach.

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We always focus on Outcomes to be achieved & the Value to be delivered. We recognize the value of ROI on any product or project & always engage with integrity.

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We unlock the full potential of teams working across digital ecosystems combining the best of teamwork, technology & processes, helping businesses to be better today & tomorrow