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Clickup is an All-In-One Productivity Platform connecting Projects, Tasks, Resources & Processes, accelerating the achievement of what matters most for a business.

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Why ClickUp

ClickUp’s comprehensive project management and collaboration features make it a more suitable choice for all teams looking to streamline their workflow, improve communication, and enhance productivity.

Project Management

ClickUp allows teams to create and manage projects related to their various initiatives. It helps in defining project timelines, setting tasks and milestones, and tracking progress.

Document Management

Your Docs & work, all in one place. Create beautiful Docs, wikis, and more—then connect them to workflows to execute on ideas with your team.

Task Assignment

The platform allows team members to assign tasks to specific individuals, set priorities, and establish due dates. This ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities and deadlines.


ClickUp offers collaboration features such as comments, file sharing, and integrations with other collaboration tools. This is particularly useful for cross-functional teams within a company. For example, where marketing needs to collaborate with R&D, compliance, and sales teams.

Goal Setting and KPI Tracking

Teams can set goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) in ClickUp and track their progress towards these objectives.

Analytics and Reporting

ClickUp provides reporting and data visualization features that allow teams to track the performance of their team efforts. This is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of activities and making data-driven decisions.

Global Customer Success Stories


Finastra's marketing team consolidated and scaled all GTM activities across business units and regions to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Talent +

Talent Plus uses ClickUp to boost alignment, collaboration, and team efficiency to drive exceptional client services.

Why CodeAG

We deeply care about what we do & the impact we have with our customers.


We bring our full experience to bear, to tackle your most important challenges & help capture your greatest opportunities.

Collaborative Approach

While bringing the expertise, we are collaborative about unlocking potential & making change happen, delivering solutions which combine best of breed Technology & our Solutioning approach.

Value for Money

We always focus on Outcomes to be achieved & the Value to be delivered. We recognize the value of ROI on any product or project & always engage with integrity.

One Stop Ecosystem

We unlock the full potential of teams working across digital ecosystems combining the best of teamwork, technology & processes, helping businesses to be better today & tomorrow

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